Croydon Stands Tall and we’re proud to stand alongside

Croydon is London Borough of Culture for 2023 and this year-long celebration will showcase the very best of Croydon. We were honoured to spearhead the campaign branding for ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ in October last year – an inspiring public art initiative that seeks to infuse the borough of Croydon with boundless creativity, artistic expression, and active community involvement. tothepoint has now signed up to be a sponsor of a giraffe for this remarkable charity fundraising campaign, a collaboration between public art events producer Wild in Art and Croydon BID, which is dedicated to supporting Crisis, a charity that helps people experiencing homelessness and is active in Croydon through its Crisis Skylight Centre.

The Croydon Stands Tall brand embodies the vibrant essence and cultural blend that is deeply intertwined with the borough. Giraffes share remarkable similarities with Croydon, as no two giraffes are alike, mirroring the area’s distinctiveness and variety. They exhibit strong sociability, congregating in groups known as “towers” to provide mutual support and form a closely-knit community. Furthermore, their hearts are approximately two feet long and weigh around 11kg, exemplifying their significant size – a parallel to the warm and generous reception these magnificent creatures will receive from both the community and visitors as they grace various locations within the borough. Learn more about the campaign by visiting the website

Embark on a self-guided journey with ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ Art Trail

To showcase the unique identity of Croydon, ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ will be hosting a 10-week Art Trail event in August. The Art Trail is an immersive and visually stunning public art project that features a trail of artistically designed and decorated giraffe sculptures throughout the borough of Croydon. These sculptures are strategically placed in various locations across Croydon. It aims to engage the community, celebrate the borough’s cultural diversity and create an accessible outdoor gallery. Artists incorporate their creativity and artistic vision to transform each ‘blank canvas’ sculpture into a  distinctive work of art. As a result, the trail will offer a diverse and captivating collection of vibrant and eye-catching installations.

Croydon Stands Tall has carefully selected 30 talented artists to join the herd in painting the giraffes and tothepoint are thrilled to welcome our artist, Cristina Clementel. Cristina is an artist and architect, living and working between London and Italy. She grew up with a passion for drawing in a small town in the mountains and moved to Venice to pursue a degree in Architecture, but has never left aside her love for illustration. She has since worked on many different art projects, combining graphic design and illustration with her passion for architecture. Her exceptional talent and unique vision have brought our giraffe sculpture to life. Not only will this event showcase the creative prowess of artists like Cristina, but it will also support Crisis Croydon Skylight’s mission to help homeless individuals.

Instagram: @cristina_clementel

The Croydon Stands Tall Art Trail provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to explore the borough, discover new areas, and engage with art in unexpected places. It encourages people to embark on a self-guided journey, following the trail map or using the app to encounter and admire uniquely decorated giraffes. To enhance the experience, the QR code on the plinths of the sculptures works with the app to provide ‘rewards’ and information about the trail, artists, and the stories behind each sculpture. This allows trail explorers to learn more about the art, artists, and the significance of the project.

Sticking our neck out for Crisis. It’s our turn to give a little back by sponsoring a giraffe!

After the 10-week Art Trail, Croydon Stands Tall will be auctioning off the giraffe sculptures to raise funds for this essential charity, needed now more than ever. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Crisis Croydon Skylight, situated in the heart of the borough. Since its inception in 2002, the Crisis Croydon Skylight has been offering free practical and creative classes, workshops, and personalised advice to homeless individuals who often cannot find shelter during the day. The organisation’s commitment to providing tailored guidance and coaching sessions has helped countless people in need find their footing and start anew.

Our MD and founder Simon Hutton had this to say about the sponsorship:

“I’ve always had a soft spot for giraffes since going on safari more than 10 years ago and learning more about them. To me, they are the ideal icon for a brand with many positive traits to add to those already mentioned. With their height and long necks, they can reach areas others can’t so they get the best fruit and leaves. They also spot predators first, alerting the more vulnerable animals to potential dangers. I’d always seen these as great analogies for investment and wealth protection but it is so rewarding to finally see this great icon from the animal kingdom being used as a force for good. Therefore, we take immense pride in our involvement in this inspiring and creative campaign that can make a real difference to people’s lives in so many different ways.”

Homelessness continues to pose a significant challenge for numerous individuals in the UK, and Crisis has been steadfast in their efforts to combat it. As a charity established in 1967, Crisis has demonstrated unwavering dedication in providing crucial services, advocating for change, and supporting people in overcoming homelessness to rebuild their lives. Recognising the importance of contributing to this area of need, we embraced the responsibility by sponsoring a giraffe as our contribution.

“We are thrilled to welcome To The Point as an official giraffe sponsor of Croydon Stands Tall. Not only are they showing their support for the arts and diverse talents that make Croydon great, but also for our charity partner, Crisis. By sponsoring, To The Point is helping to elevate the community spirit of Croydon and show that together, we can make a difference. Thank you for standing tall with us.” Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, Croydon BID.