Dig For Gold

This month to tie in with McCoy’s ‘Golden Crisp Promotion’ we have done an update to the McCoy’s website that we designed and built last year. The new feature banner can be used for any promotions in the future by updating it with a new campaign image, or the feature can be turned off in between campaigns. Take a look at the new page here and if you’re a fan of these crunchy full flavoured snacks you may be lucky enough to find yourself a golden crisp! 2017-02-27 10-00-38

The banner currently ties in with McCoy’s latest “When Flavour Calls” campaign. The packs are now in-store and we’re glad to have helped with this part of the larger marketing strategy from the team at McCoy’s

The project follows on from multiple projects for the Intersnack group. All this kicked off with an interiors project for KP Snacks, branding their new head office. Working alongside Tetris and the team at KP we created a professional environment which included playful, energetic working and break out space. This helped balance the needs of Intersnack for high profile business meetings with areas that both engaged and motivated the KP staff.

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After the success of the interiors project we were asked to design and build websites for their 3 key brands: KP Nuts, McCoy’s and Hula Hoops. KP Nuts and McCoy’s have been live for a while now and Hula Hoops is waiting in the wings ready to go live! Watch this space to see the Hula Hoops site when it goes live.