EDIS Symposium at The Francis Crick Institute

This September we have continued our work within science technology and healthcare by working for EDIS, creating branded display graphics for their annual symposium held at The Francis Crick Institute here in London.

EDIS Symposium

We have been working for EDIS (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health) since its inception in 2018 when we created its brand.

The organisation founded by The Francis Crick Institute, Wellcome and GlaxoSmithKline was set up to address and remove obstacles presented in research, personal and professional development for minority groups within the science and health research sector.

Recently they held their Symposium at The Francis Crick Institute to discuss these issues, gather information and opinions with the view to growing membership and finding potential solutions and opportunities.

They asked us to help plan the space and create graphics that promoted the brand within the Crick space and materials that engaged with the audience and communicated key stats and information about the issues they would be discussing.

As they are a non-profit organisation, it was important that we provided a cost-effective, flexible solution that could be reused at other venues. After visiting the space we decided to create large mobile panels that could be moved around the space and dismantled and reused at other events. These were accompanied by large wall vinyls and messaging which promoted and encouraged audience feedback and interaction.

We also created literature and interactive printed materials, in the form of coloured stickers, that not only promoted the symposium but raised issues regarding perceptions about gender and race.

The EDIS identity is an embodiment of the four, individual key topics (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Science & Health) coming together and interacting for the benefit of the collective. Each topic has its own icon and these can be used to promote each subject individually. These were used to great effect around the space.

Our social media design templates helped ensure the event was well promoted on-line and they were again used to good effect after the event when collaborations and discussions continued.

The team at tothepoint worked brilliantly to meet our brief for this event, taking into consideration key points around accessibility and inclusive design. The boards, vinyls and delegate booklets worked great as a set and we’ve been asked to share many of the elements for our member organisations to use for their events. – Lillian Hunt, Programme Manager, EDIS