EDIS Branding Overview

Helping EDIS remove barriers and obstacles for minorities employed in the science & health industry regarding career progression related to inequality, lack of diversity and inclusion.

The brief

EDIS is an initiative set up by The Francis Crick Institute, Wellcome Trust and GSK with the sole objective of removing barriers or obstacles presented to minorities relating to career progression in the science sector. 

We were approached by EDIS to create an identity for the initiative which needed to clearly communicate equality, diversity and inclusion in science & health (EDIS).

The creative idea

The brand identity consists of four individual coloured planes (diversity) of equal size (equality) coming together (inclusion) to create EDIS. As with most of our branding projects, we are always thinking at the concept stage of application and flexibility for both digital and print applications. We are proud to be a part of an incredibly relevant and important initiative, helping EDIS to communicate their message and gain traction in this sector.


Brand Identity
Editorial Design
Environment Design
Web Design

The planes coming together lend themselves to motion graphics as a simple interpretation of the initiative. To support this, we created four icons that were representative of the individual words that make up the acronym, EDIS.

Edis Symposium Program Spread

This primary colour palette, when combined with bold typography, creates a strong, distinctive look and feel always highlighting the business benefits that the BID provides through the use of core singular statements backed up by facts and figures.

Edis Symposium Program Flat
Edis Symposium Program Flat
Edis Symposium Program Flat
Edis Stat

Having developed a new identity and branding for EDIS, we applied our skills to designing and building them a new website. The previous EDIS website was based on WordPress, mostly functioning as an online resource library. Our challenge was to expand on this with a completely new build, communicating EDIS’ mission statement and goals, alongside topical news, events, and useful information.

Our social media design templates helped ensure that the Symposium was well promoted on-line and they were again used to good effect after the event when collaborations and discussions continued.

EDIS Twitter

“The team at tothepoint worked brilliantly to meet our brief for our Symposium event, taking into consideration key points around accessibility and inclusive design. The boards, vinyls and delegate booklets worked great as a set and we’ve been asked to share many of the elements for our member organisations to use for their events.”

Lillian Hunt, Programme Manager, EDIS