Experience JAGS through captivating videos



Following our successful series of films for James Allen’s Girls’ School in 2022, we were excited to collaborate with the school this year to welcome audiences into the world of JAGS through immersive story-driven videos.

JAGS came to us this year with a brief of telling two main stories – about their Junior and Senior school experiences. They wanted audiences to be truly immersed in the on-the-ground experience of pupils at each school.

Junior film

Narrated by one of JAGS’ very own junior school pupils, this film begins with an animated storybook turning the page to welcome the viewer into the school world. We’ve worked on plenty of animated projects here at tothepoint, and loved the challenge of enhancing the story with animated elements to suit the tone of the subject, which is all about wonder and childhood creativity.

On location, we worked closely with Tom Farmery and The Film Farmers videographers to capture what life was like at the junior school. We covered everything from morning arrivals to classroom activities and playtime, building a close working relationship with the school to enable us to showcase it all. Another key part of the film was enhancing it with animated elements that suited each scene activity, such as adding in animated science experiments in the science class, and make-believe creatures being discovered during the outdoor nature trails on site.

Watch the full junior film here

Senior film

JAGS’ senior school film gave us the opportunity to showcase the even wider variety of activities and classes on offer for the older pupils. We approached this with less emphasis on the animated decoration that we adorned the junior school film with, and focused on the editing and pace of how all of these exciting activities are woven together in the JAGS experience.

Having fresh and distinctive footage showcases how the school is continually evolving in its learning development for pupils, with science, sport, and arts activities particularly vibrant and thriving at the school. The narration again was from a current pupil and was a great collaboration to bring authenticity to the journey we wanted to take viewers on.

Watch the full senior film here
Having previously worked with TTP, we were confident they could realise our ambitions to create a partially animated film which incorporated our wider branding. We are delighted with the final result which fully realises our vision of unique school films that stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the team are a pleasure to have onsite and are always reachable should we have any further queries. Jo Denham – Head of Marketing & Communications