IFPMA NYC Event Brochure for the future of antibiotics

Off the back of our successful work for IFPMA and DCVMN and their joint GAVi presentation document, we were approached by Ana-Maria Nia, Deputy Director of Communications at IFPMA in Geneva, to produce a quick turnaround position paper for a public event being held in New York.

We had 3 weeks to design and artwork a brochure comprising mainly of text with pull-out quotes and facts. If time allowed, we had the option to include imagery and iconography which we would need to generate or source to help support the content and make it more engaging.

As with the Gavi presentation document, it needed to follow strict IFPMA brand guidelines. Our key role and objective were to make the paper more visually appealing, with data more accessible and inviting to the reader.

The paper was entitled ‘From resistance to resilience: What could the future antibiotic pipeline look like?’. To help support this theme and stimulate visual interest, we created some simple icons and graphic styling elements that reflected both the antibiotic subject matter and the pipeline processes involved.

Due to the quick turnaround the brochure needed to be digitally printed in New York. To facilitate this, we liaised with the chosen printer and supplied a detailed specification and high-resolution print-ready PDF files, staying on hand for the proofing stage to ensure a perfect job. Using high quality indigo digital print, the A4 saddle-stitched brochures meant that what would have been a basic standard word text document was now a professionally printed, image-rich document with more gravitas and prestige, that was still able to be produced within a very tight timeframe. We love the speed and quality of indigo digital print.

Check out the interview on LinkedIn with James Anderson, Executive Director, as he launches the report in New York. And if you want to check out the report it’s now on their website here.