January round up

Keeping up with ISBA!

This month we’ve worked on updating ISBA’s annual Training Workshop Programme.

A brochure summarising the benefits of their memberships as well as the seminars they offer: from introductory workshops on branding to advanced sessions on social media. If you’re interested in finding out more, head over to their website.

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Valentine’s Day


Especially for you on Valentine’s Day, we’ve given our calendar icons a romantic twist on some downloadable Valentine’s cards.

We know it’s difficult for some of you to impress your loved ones around this time of year. So we’ve taken time out of our busy schedule (well… Will and Lizzie have) to give you a metaphorical leg up. These cards are tried, tested and approved by 17 different species so trust us, they work.

Take a look for yourself and print one or two (or all 11 of them to spread your bets). But remember choose your target(s) wisely as once this arrow of love is released, there will be no going back.

Download and print our Valentine’s cards


Did you get our 2017 calendar or go to our ttptryit randomiser? Well we at ttp are leading from the front and accomplishing some of our try it tasks!

Lizzie signed herself up to an evening class to learn about the Alexander technique to help kick those bad postural habits, Charlie climbed a tree harking back to her more innocent days, Simon did his walk at midnight and Will treated himself to a long weekend in Majorca soaking up no sun but plenty of Rioja.

A notable mention goes to Carol Seawert being the first outsider to complete a task by signing up to a beading for beginners course! More next month…please join us!

Lighten up those winter months and try our randomiser






Who left the lights on?


Our account manager Diana decided to embrace the freezing cold at the end of January to be illuminated by the latest lighting exhibition that was on display throughout Canary Wharf.

“Winter Lights” brought together 30 light installations created by artists and designers from all over the world. Some of them were pretty self explanatory like the illuminated angel statues, whereas some left a lot to the imagination but nevertheless were equally intriguing.

The free exhibition was open for a limited time, but it did give Diana plenty of inspiration to get us fired up for how we could use lighting for some of our workspace environments projects!

Find out more on the Canary Wharf website

Rauschenberg at the Tate Modern

Retroactive II - 1964

Roci Chile - 1985

Continuing James’ self imposed art history education saw him at the Tate Modern marveling at an exhibition of work by American artist Robert Rauschenberg.

11 rooms cover a myriad of techniques and approaches to abstract art spanning Rauschenberg’s career from the 50s through to 2008. Each room follows a theme, taking the visitor through a riot of colour, experimentation and cultural references that would be perfectly at home alongside other like-minded artists such as Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol, or Jasper Johns.

If you’re into abstract modern art, mixed-media or pop art of the 60s & 70s you should definitely go along. The exhibition will be on until 2 April 2017 at The Tate Modern on Southbank, London.


Sean Hanna turns 35?

We’d like to congratulate our client Sean Hanna on completing a very successful 35 years in business. Our MD Simon was there at their annual awards where external judges had picked the best of the best at a sparkling event held at the We’re looking forward to working with them for their next 35…