Lloyd’s Register in Qatar – a video story of over 60 years of collaboration

We were excited to team up with Lloyd’s Register again to develop a new video for staff, partners, customers and visitors to see at its Doha office in Qatar. Qatar and Lloyd’s Register (LR) have a rich history dating back to 1957, so the company wanted to tell this story to its employees and visitors in a compelling and engaging format. The video showcases how Lloyd’s Register has been a critical partner and investor in the region’s development for over 60 years and has the ability to further LR’s reputation as a key maritime industry figure going forward.

Conceptually, our methodology for this project was similar to our last video with Lloyd’s Register for their OneOcean brand launch. Introducing audiences to an important part of LR’s work, giving a brief history, and finally looking towards future possibilities. We advised LR that videos are best when the messaging is concise and leverages the power of animation and rich media to capture the audience’s attention and lead them to find out more through a call-to-action, such as a website landing page.

Utilising the LR archive of available photography of the landmark achievements in the LR-Qatar relationship, we created an animated timeline in which viewers learn about LR history in Qatar, all the way to the present day. This has all been wrapped together seamlessly with the evolving LR brand elements that include bold typography, core brand colours, and effective motion graphics that bring all the elements to life. The video charts this journey visually as it arrives at the present day with modern photography and video to reflect the evolution of the partnership LR has had with Qatar and the surrounding region.

Audiences entering the Doha office will also learn about how the work has expanded across the region in a positive way through training in maritime safety. All of this is covered effectively in just over two minutes, which was purposely crafted to also suit an environment where audiences will often view the video whilst arriving and passing swiftly through the Doha office.

We recently had the pleasure of working with ToThePoint on our latest Qatar video, and the results were beyond our expectations. The team was professional, creative, and genuinely dedicated to understanding our vision. They brought our ideas to life with stunning visuals and compelling storytelling that perfectly captured the essence of our brand and work in the region Chris Perry, Lloyd’s Register, Senior Marketing Operations Manager Find out more about our video and animation work