Lloyd’s Register OneOcean brand launch for the Lloyd’s Register Group

After a successful video project a few months ago to help promote new career opportunities in the maritime sector with Lloyd’s Register (LR), we worked with their digital solutions arm recently, to create a new platform brand launch video for Lloyd’s Register OneOcean (LR OneOcean).
LR came to us a few months ago with plans to launch their new digital solutions platform brand LR OneOcean to the market, to introduce their comprehensive offering of digital solutions in the maritime field to businesses.The platform encompasses LR’s digital capabilities from previous notable acquisitions such as OneOcean, Hanseasticsoft, CMAP and ISF Watchkeeper, and with the global maritime digitisation market expected to grow over 80% this decade, LR were keen to get ahead of the curve and showcase their aspiration to be a leader in the market.

A new vision. A new way of storytelling.

With great feedback on our last video project with Lloyd’s Register, we set out to improve even further on the brief of bringing together the complex offerings from different areas within the maritime sector into one cohesive story that positions LR as a trusted digital service provider. Key challenges were varied – how do we quickly embed a sense of professionalism and confidence that LR are adapting to change in the industry? How do these digitisation changes and products position them as a market leader in the digital front?

After close discussions with the client, we proceeded to blend the style of live-action dynamic footage we’d used to great effect in our last video project with overlays of fast-moving animated infographics and copy, which would demonstrate the challenges faced by the industry and the four key solution areas that LR OneOcean are able to address through its new platform.

Appeal. Energy. Connection. The video tells our digital solutions story in succinct messaging and vibrant videography, bringing our new platform brand to life and visualising LR OneOcean being an integral part of LR. Jetteen Huang, Senior Brand and Campaign Manager, Lloyd’s Register OneOcean