May Round Up

A new conference logo and brochure to drive registration for EACS

As lockdown restrictions end and normality gradually creeps back into our lives, we’re finding ourselves designing more and more materials to promote post-lockdown conferences. The latest addition to these string of promotional campaigns, was branding and then designing a digital brochure for a conference being held by EACS which will be both a physical event and an online one to cater to those who are still unable to attend in person. The online event called ‘Optimise IT’ is being streamed live via their virtual event platform, giving delegates the opportunity to attend from the comfort of their home or office. EACS partners and experts will be coming together to showcase how technology can help businesses get back on track and overcome future challenges as we transition back to normality.

We created the Optimise IT logo to bring it in line with the new EACS logo we designed for them last year but incorporated a unique icon to reflect the networking opportunities of the event. The new logo and colour way are appearing on the initial A4 6-page landscape brochure we’ve just completed, aimed at driving registration and communicating what delegates can expect from attending. We used bold and powerful imagery on the cover to grab the reader’s attention, and using the elements from the Optimise IT logo, created engaging graphical devices which contained pull-out stats to break up copy on the page and highlight EACS’s key offerings and achievements. We’ll also be designing the event programme once the full schedule and speakers are confirmed. You can find out more about this event on the EACS website here.

It’s all about collaboration and engagement for the ABPI

Science really has led the way this year and we are proud to be working with quite a few clients in this exciting sector. The latest document we have designed for the ABPI is a short strategy booklet that sets out how the ABPI will deliver on its commitments and make sure that patient engagement is consistently at the heart of their work. As the booklet needs to be an informative document, we opted for a subtle and understated design to ensure the communication is clear, but the design and layout are still fresh and modern, in keeping with the ABPI’s visual brand. The booklet also features several of the growing number of icons we’ve designed for them, the latest of which portrays partnerships which will be an essential aspect in helping the ABPI to achieve its mission – to make the UK the best place in the world to research, develop and use the medicines and vaccines of the future.

We welcome our new account manager – Elena Frischknecht!

We are very excited to share that we have a new account manager joining our team all the way from the rolling hills of Switzerland!

Inspired by the fast pace of a global city, Elena moved to London in 2018 to complete her MA in Design Management. With a background in design, Elena has worked in various project production roles in design, fashion, print publications, and strategic foresight. She worked as a freelance project manager for a year and co-founded Limbo and Hatch, a trend forecasting and talent incubator platform. She is driven by collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and clients, pushing boundaries, and staying on top of how signals are shaping and influencing the dreams of tomorrow. She is especially passionate about finding a way to combine IRL and URL to achieve the best possible outcome for both worlds. Challenging the now, but never losing the fun of working together.

Welcome to the team, Elena!