(Not) lost in translation

Over the past month we’ve been helping our clients New Capital, an investment house with global locations, to raise their profile through a print and digital advertising campaign. The campaign spanned websites, emails and publications, as well as continents as it featured in the UK and China!

We worked in partnership with media booking agencies in both Hong Kong and London for the campaign, which aimed to raise general awareness and promote New Capital primarily in Hong Kong.

Using the bold New Capital style (which we created in a not so distant past, here) we opted for a simple text-based solution that would help them to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Their recognisable black and white photography is used across the corporate adverts to keep brand consistency, whilst using red to highlight key wording.

At the same time as this corporate campaign they also asked us to look at creative ideas for a print based Christmas card. Having had more requests for digital cards this was a nice opportunity to create something tactile and have a bit of fun with the brand. They liked two of the cards so much they had both printed.