Reporting on risk with Lloyd’s Register Foundation 2021 World Risk Poll website

Over the past year we have been pleased to be working with Lloyd’s Register Foundation on the latest incarnation of their World Risk Poll. A survey undertaken by the Foundation in conjunction with Gallup, the poll is designed to measure and understand people’s perception and experience of risk around the world. Our role has been to continue to help the Foundation communicate the data and findings from the poll in the form of articles, stories and infographics online, via the World Risk Poll website, which we designed and built in 2020 for the first World Risk Poll.

We had originally created the website to present the findings of the first poll that was carried out in 2019. Conducted every 2 years, the latest incarnation tackles the results of the 2021 poll, which has been divided across the past year into 4 individual topical reports. Starting in the summer of 2022, the 2021 poll report began focussing on how perceptions of risk compare before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The second report covered community resilience in the face of disaster, followed by the third report looking into how worried people are about personal data and artificial intelligence. The latest report published in January investigates global experience of violence and harassment at work.

Our creative team at tothepoint worked with the Foundation to help visualise key findings and topics extracted from the data. Factors such as region and gender for example outline how Nordic countries display higher reports of harassment in the workplace and how migrant women are more vulnerable. For each report we constructed stories with supporting infographics, maps, charts and imagery.

Integrating the latest poll reports required a slight overhaul of the website, enabling us to factor in this, and future reports whilst archiving previous ones. Infographics across the stories can be downloaded for press and social media, and data from the data and resources section.

The expert comment insights section has been categorised by topic, as have news and press releases. This extra detail help the Foundation’s content creation team continue to update the website with regular news, insight and commentary and press releases.

Now the dust has settled for a while, we can help the Foundation continue to make improvements to the website and plan ahead for further poll releases and any change in the approach they might require.

tothepoint have worked with us as a crucial and seamless part of the team for the launch of the 2021 World Risk Poll reports, helping to ensure the findings are communicated in an accessible and engaging way, and always going the extra mile to make sure everything was in place on launch days. We look forward to continuing to work with them to refine and improve the site to make this important data resource as accessible as possible.  Ed Morrow, Senior Campaigns Manager at Lloyd’s Register Foundation