Specialty Risks office wall

Earlier this year we helped one of our start-up clients from 2016 with the next stage in their brand evolution by creating a history wall for their new office that could grow over time to include new wins and new team members. It was great to look back at their short journey from 2016 when we created their identity and branding, to 2018 when we developed a new website for them, to recently helping them to brand their new office space as the next step in their growth and success.

Covid 19 has caused disruption for all of us and how we think about and use our space, both at home and work. As we all start to think and plan for our return to the office, whether this is split between wfh and the office or full time, we know from experience that the more you feel a personal attachment to your space, the more you enjoy using it. This is what we had achieved for Specialty Risks and their new office, and the team has been back there and working since July, obviously observing all the rules.

Specialty Wall Graphic

Whether a large or small business, there are huge benefits to staff and owners of well planned and designed space that has a personality that reflects its brand and people. We’ve worked with clients like Twitter on its London HQ, KP Snacks on its Slough HQ and News on the Broxbourne manufacturing plant. These are all very large scale schemes compared to this smaller scheme wall for Specialty, but the expression of pride and engagement with the space as staff and owners see it for the first time is the same. It’s what makes this aspect of our branding work so special as you can instantly see the difference it can make. Watch the video on the Twitter link above, fast forward towards the end where the staff walk in for the first time, and you’ll see what we mean.

As you think about your return to the office, just ask yourself if your space provides this feeling of pride and engagement for your staff. If it does it will also work for your clients. If it doesn’t, you may have more of a challenge than you were expecting for the transition back from wfh. Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how we could bring your space to life with a bit of brand personality.

David Pearce, founder of Specialty Risks wrote:

“We really enjoyed developing our timeline with the team at TTP. We had the perfect wall in our new office to tell our story and we love the design concept. When TTP helped us develop the initial brand, we did so with the aim of developing it in a fun and interesting way. We’ve had great feedback from everyone who has visited us and it’s a real talking point when we use it as backdrop for video calls. We couldn’t be more pleased with it.”

Our client Specialty Risks operates in a niche market – covering unusual assets and risks that many other firms wouldn’t cover and making them their Specialty. Since 2016 we have helped Specialty launch its brand to promote their unique offer to underwriters and potential clients. We have also helped them develop the interface for some of their digital systems and designed their simple but informative WordPress website to communicate the features and benefits of their insurance service.

You can find out more about them at