Newsprinters Brand Overview

Instilling a sense of pride for staff and independence for News International’s new automated, multi-million pound print manufacturing plants.

The brief

Rupert Murdoch had built 3 huge print sites around the UK with the intention of monopolising the newspaper print industry. 

Each premises housed state-of-the-art technology for automated printing and distribution. The consequence of this was that a few dozen employees occupied the space equivalent to a large football stadium, which meant that they were soulless and lacking warmth and personality. 

We were asked to bring personality and life to the space whilst also instilling a sense of togetherness, camaraderie and professionalism to the working environment.

The creative idea

Most of the people employed at these new sites would have been cherry-picked from their previous Sun and News of the World print premises. 

They are a particular breed of printer and have grown up in a word of tabloid journalism. As a token of respect to them and paying homage to the print industry, we decided to use their own vocabulary, humour and personality through the use of bold graphics and messaging that brought warmth and personality to the space.


Interior Design
Production & installation

Messaging, signage and wayfinding were all given warmth and personality by incorporating a conversational tone, all beginning with the prefix “Where the…” For example, “Where the visitors sign in” (entrance), “Where the straight talking’s done” (meeting room), “Where the reels are all sorted” (distribution).

The scale of the site meant that the graphics needed to be very large format so that they didn’t get lost within the huge space. The average graphic could easily be 4 metres high by 10 metres wide