What could your signature do? Our second campaign for Guardian Angel

In 2022 we worked with Guardian Angel to design and launch a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the charities mission of breaking down the taboo’s associated with death and making wills. As well as helping people to plan for, and manage death, they offer a free will service through charity partners to help people leave a legacy to the charity of their choice. After the success of this first campaign, and more interest from charities in partnering with Guardian Angel, we were pleased to team up with them again this spring on a renewed campaign to provide charities with everything they needed to promote, execute and amplify their legacy proposition and help them reach their legacy goals.


Based on the feedback and analytics from the first campaign, and working closely with the Guardian Angel team again, we looked at how we could build on the original campaign’s powerful visual and written message of ‘What could your signature do’. Creating a fresh campaign that still had links with the original work was a good starting point. But we also wanted to unlock new potential engagements and conversations with audiences that Guardian Angel was seeking to help the growing body of diverse charities connect with. The diversity of the charities created its own issues as imagery and messaging could be interpreted differently by many of them… from environmental to animal and human based charities, they all have different audiences with different needs, but ultimately they all have the same goal – appealing to their audience and inspiring them that through the gift of a legacy they can make a real difference to their chosen charity.

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Our concepts grew out of this initial signature idea and mini workshops with the Guardian Angel team – we experimented with different engagement slogans such as ‘Can I have your autograph’ and ‘Sign of things to come’ but an adaptation of the sign off from the first campaign resonated with us all:  ‘Make your mark on the world’. The concept exploration retained but refined the signature style line that was used on the first campaign but also looked at the wording to help open up the conversation of what Guardian Angel offers in an everyday and approachable tone of voice, helping disarm the stigma traditionally attached to the subject of death.


Refining our concepts with feedback from the Guardian Angel team, we established a range of templates for the deliverables to support the campaign. This range included a similar portfolio of video, still and animated assets that they could offer as part of its packages to charities, either using the Guardian Angel brand style or customisable to each charity’s brand identity, colours, and fonts.

Important to the campaign’s recognition and success was building the visual language that connected each different asset, whether static or animated. With different messages and photography aimed at different target audiences, the ‘hand drawn’ line graphic device created the synergy required and was a great evolution from our previous campaign with Guardian Angel in Autumn 2022, ‘What could your signature do?’. We created a series of line illustrations that aligned with the imagery provided to us by Guardian Angel and some of the charities. These covered a wide range of subjects such as outdoor adventure, the environment, and community care to name a few, but each time the line was adaptable to different shapes and brand colours, bringing a unique look to each image so it felt tailored to the relevant charity.

We were delighted to see the campaign launched by Guardian Angel in the spring of 2023 but wanted to wait for the stats to see how it had done this time, and from the numbers below it garnered great success for Guardian Angel and its charity partners:


Creating fully animated video content is something we love to do at tothepoint. Having had great client feedback on our earlier campaign’s video work, we were pleased to have a brief to follow up with a campaign video optimised for social media that could explain how easy and approachable it is to get started writing a will with Guardian Angel. Designed to be as user-friendly as possible via relatable testimonials about the process, the video is aimed to be a top-line introduction to the brand, its message, and establish its credentials with the suite of charity brands involved.

Adapting our campaign assets, we created a fully animated version of our ‘signature’ line that morphed into a path of shapes and iconography to guide the viewers through the messaging visually. The result really brings the campaign style to life through this energetic and clever adaption of what was already a powerful static design. This was further validation of how flexible the chosen concept turned out to be in the final suite of deliverables.

Katie Wimpenny, Partnerships Marketing Manager at Guardian Angel said ”It’s been wonderful working with the team at tothepoint. They provided a range of engaging concepts that we were able to test and share with our partners before developing a final version. The final concept is now something we’re carrying on into our next campaign, as we’ve seen high engagement via different channels.”