EFG Brand Overview

Helping this global bank differentiate between its standard traditional banking services (EFG bank) and its bespoke, specialist investment offers (New Capital) whilst ensuring they all sit within the EFG brand family.
EFG Arms

The brief

EFG International is a global private banking group offering private banking and asset management services whose headquarters are in Zurich.

Their specialist investment house ‘New Capital’ has high-conviction strategies designed for long-term investments specifically aimed at outperforming the markets. These two entities have very different personalities and agendas.

Our brief was to work within EFG’s prescriptive brand guidelines and ensure that other products/services could be accommodated, allowed to thrive and have their own personality whilst still sitting within the EFG family

The creative idea

EFG has many strings to its bow based on the business opportunities that present themselves, each with very different audiences and objectives. By utilising the core EFG brand elements in terms of colour palettes and font usage, we could take these assets, use them as common denominators and reconfigure them to create sub-brands such as ‘Future Leaders’ and ‘New Capital’. By creating design flexibility, working within guideline parameters, we were able to create new on-brand campaigns and materials that reflect the strengths and personality of each individual offer.


Brand Identity
Web design
Large format graphics

efg illustration cover

Every year EFGAM put their considerable knowledge and foresight into predicting the up and coming year’s global financial trends. We help them to communicate this in the form of a brochure and simple website called Outlook.

Our brand for The Future Leaders Panel was created to better identify visionary leaders in company management teams and is comprised of industry and academic experts.

FL website

We worked with EFG to create a suite of materials that operate independently from EFG Private Bank, and created the brand ‘New Capital’, a boutique specialist investment house supported by EFGAM.

We utilised motion graphics to convey the core strengths of New Capital and its key attributes. The distinctive, fresh colour palette we created was used in a fun, engaging way, which when combined with messaging brought the brand to life.

NC Campaign
NC Campaign
NC Campaign