ISBA One Industry One Voice

Reinforcing ISBA’s values, their role as thought leaders at conferences and through sales materials, whilst at the same time highlighting the key issues facing the advertising industry and how ISBA are addressing them.

The brief

ISBA is the only body representing the UK’s leading advertisers. Speaking with one voice on behalf of over 3,000 brands, they advocate a trusted advertising environment – transparent, accountable and effectively regulated. 

Every year, they hold a prestigious annual conference to provide a networking opportunity where representatives attend from large global organisations to discuss and debate the key topics of the year. 

These had been broken down into four core themes: trust, accountability, inclusion and performance. We were asked to provide an event brand and visual language to promote the core themes which could also be used as part of a marketing campaign.

The creative idea

Our solution was a simple iconography treatment accompanied by key statements and photography. An icon was created for each theme, so they could be used individually to highlight each topic.

As industry-leading guest speakers talked about each of the core themes, the icons nicely compartmentalised each subject into bite-sized pieces and provided a form of navigation for physical materials and digital.


Campaign Identity

The logos are all created from using the same basic grid system, so they sit together as a family unit and lend themselves to being animated from one icon to the next. Each icon was supplied in two formats, its primary colour version (mainly used as a flat graphic) and as a white out version (when used against film footage or photography)

The concept needed to work at various levels and be applied across print and digital, including email teasers, the event website, printed banners, posters, PowerPoint and videos during the event.

The main event brand brings all four icons together in either a horizontal or vertical lock-up with the strapline ‘one industry, one voice’, which encapsulates the whole campaign.