Lloyd’s Register Foundation Brand Overview

A distinctive campaign brand for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, highlighting the challenges they face in order to make the world a safer place and helping communicate these to a much wider audience.

The brief

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is one of the most prestigious charitable organisations who encourage and orchestrate collaboration between world business leaders, innovators, and policymakers in order to determine the best ways of making the world a safer place. The challenge they presented us with, was how to convey some of their complex messages and strategies in a way that was engaging and more easily understood by a diverse audience.

The creative idea

We created a campaign brand centred around 7 simple icons for each of their core challenges which were focussed around safety at sea, food, digital systems, sustainability, infrastructure, skills and public understanding of risk. A fresh, vibrant visual language helped translate their strategy, the challenges they faced, their vision and key messages in simple terms, and generated assets that were implemented across print, digital and conference spaces.


Campaign branding

To introduce their strategy and challenges, presented at events and displayed on their website, we designed and produced an animated video. We also worked with filmmaker, James Harrison, in combining our animations and branding with his video and stills of the global issues surrounding health and safety.

7 simple icons for each of the challenges

LRF Brochure Spread

The strategy document was the starting point for communicating these challenges, and an engaging stand-alone piece of literature was required to help convey the vision and key messages. The final printed brochure, along with other support materials, were designed and produced for launch at their international conference in October.

LRF Brochure Spread

In conjunction with tactile print pieces and event programmes, we produced and sourced merchandising that broadened the organisations appeal to a more youthful audience.

Business leaders, innovators and policy makers gather at the Lloyd’s Register Foundation International Conference held in London.

In October 2020, the Lloyd’s Register Foundation launched the World Risk Poll, the first global study of worry and risk across the world, conducted by Gallop. We began our branding for the poll by designing a new set of themed icons and animations to support the poll and its insights based on 10 perceptions of risk around the globe.

We designed and built a complex, interactive website which is a key focal point at the core of the launch of the World Risk Poll. 

The website communicates at multiple levels to appeal to a wide audience – from the general public and politicians to data analysts. By the use of infographics and well written insights, we can explain the real life ‘stories’ behind the data and bring real meaning to the poll results.

We received excellent feedback on our previous video project with Lloyd’s Register and aimed to enhance our approach to showcasing their diverse offerings in the maritime sector. Our goal was to create a unified narrative that establishes LR as a reliable digital service provider. We encountered two main challenges: first, conveying LR’s adaptability and professionalism in response to industry changes, and second, highlighting how their digitization efforts position them as a leader in the digital realm.

After thorough discussions with the client, we decided to combine the effective live-action dynamic footage from our previous project with fast-paced animated infographics and text overlays. This approach effectively illustrates the industry’s challenges and showcases the four primary solution areas addressed by LR OneOcean through its new platform.

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll is the first global study of worry and risk across the world.

Engineering a safer world