Street Live Croydon Campaign Branding

How did we help Croydon’s Business community address the downturn in the night time economy at a time of enormous change and upheaval due to the future preparation and delivery of the proposed Westfield Shopping centre?


By bringing the skills, talents, produce and services of Croydon’s local business’ to the attention of the local community under the guise of an annual street festival called “Street Live’.


The brief

As strategic branding and design consultants for Croydon BID we were asked to look at creating a new look for their Street Live campaign that could help to combat the downturn in the footfall that Croydon is experiencing, especially around the high street area. The result was a new campaign identity and a colourful and vibrant set of materials that could be used across social media, on their Check Out Croydon website and as display material for a planned series of events that would bring the area to life during the summer months.

The creative idea

With fewer people frequenting Croydon town centre, especially in the evening, the solution has been to encourage and stage outdoor events in the high street that would be focused around a particular section of the ‘High Street’ which would draw public attention, encourage people to stay and in doing so help fuel the day-time and hopefully night-time economies. The planned events for this pedestrian-only area of the high street are therefore aptly named “Street Live”. We all agreed the name provided an umbrella brand and had the flexibility for events and activities covering everything from arrays of food, music and sports to arts & culture activities. 


Digital Content
Large format graphics
Social media
Video work