Yahoo Brand Overview

Invigorating the interiors of Yahoo!’s European headquarters in Rolle, Switzerland whilst at the same time reinforcing their brand and services through a thought provoking, abstract, art installation concept.

The brief

Yahoo is one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s. As it has evolved its business model, it decided to focus its search facility and core services based on a handful of core topics which included news, fashion, movies, and finance. 

There was a desire to reflect these services in its workplace environment at its European headquarters in a way that was exciting, inventive and thought provoking. It was important that the concept appealed to a broad spectrum of staff from chief executives and sales personnel to administration and technical staff.

The creative idea

We decided to approach the project from an art installation perspective, elevating the subject to the point where the viewer has to use their own intelligence to come to their own conclusions.

We took the work of Damien Hurst as an inspiration and represented the topics of news, fashion, movies and finance in a way that was not immediately obvious, thereby encouraging debate and varying opinions. We designed and managed the production and installation of four large 3D canvases that hung on the walls in Rolle in the same way that pieces of art would hang in a gallery in Cork Street.


Creative Campaign
Large format graphics

Movies were represented through the juxtaposition of the super hero versus the super villain. Finance took the same approach but with the bull versus bear. Fashion focussed on footwear with flats versus heels and finally News was represented with war versus peace.

The only reference to the Yahoo brand was through the usage of their distinctive colour palette of purple and white. The client was happy that the concept was king as opposed to brand driving the visuals. The result is an elevated, high brow, intelligent solution.