The Francis Crick Institute Launch

With the Queen’s grand unveiling of the shiny new building, The Francis Crick Institute is open for business! We’ve been busy designing and producing their event materials for the opening ceremony and designing several pieces for the space.

We created an email invitation going out to around 2,500 people, with an engaging animated header and yes/no button response, making it easy for the team to gather responses and manage the guest list.

This regal opening also called for a high-end ceremony schedule, so after researching the best and finest paper stocks, we opted to print duplex with silver finish and a heavy weight of 800gsm to reflect the gravitas the event deserved.

For day-to-day visitors to the Crick exhibitions, we’ve created a roll fold leaflet that gives more information about what the Institute offers in their events programme. This eye catching leaflet has been so popular the first batch have gone and we’re onto the second run!



Around the public space, as well as the temporary pop up displays, we’ve also designed and installed graphics and signage onto the quirky reception desk and across rooms and event areas, introducing the public to the sub-brands we created last year.

Francis-Crick-window-vinyl_revise Francis-Crick-window-glass-plaquereviseFrancis-Crick-desk

If you want to take a look at some of the work we’ve been doing with The Francis Crick Institute over the past few years in the lead up to the grand opening of their shiny new building, take a look at our hoardings here and how we helped employees navigate and understand the new building via their intranet here.