Introducing Safetytech Accelerator’s mission through video

Following our recent video production work with Lloyd’s Register for its Qatar video, we were also commissioned to work on a video for one of its spin-off companies, Safetytech Accelerator.

A different kind of creative challenge for us, this video brief was a combination of on-set interviews with two high level executives at Safetytech Accelerator, with animated branded graphics and stock footage of their work in action.

We have experience doing on-set interviews with other clients such as JAGS so we were well placed to help. As part of a video series introducing JAGS school, we had to do interviews with teachers, pupils, and recently past pupils for a bursary film. With all this experience under our belts, we were able to provide direction to a professional video shoot on site at the clients corporate office HQ in London.

Working to tight deadlines with a team who hadn’t done videos like this before, we discussed and planned every aspect of the shoot with the client and came well prepared on the day to ensure this vital component of the final product was completed smoothly.

As part of this video project, we also worked with the client and our creative copywriter to produce a full script for the executives to read from and guide the video’s narrative. This also had to be flexible enough for changes all the way up to shoot day. The use of a teleprompter with some direction is always a good idea in these circumstances. It will help those that aren’t used to talking to a camera but If the client can also go off-the-cuff it also gives us the option to select and edit both, enabling us to create a more natural and authentic delivery for the video. The final script in this case guided the video story as a complete package, detailing how the stock footage and animated elements could work together, and how they would highlight certain words or statistics that were important to the client.

Safetytech Accelerator also had its own brand identity and guidelines, and so it was important we utilised this with deft and nuance, since this was an important marker of work showcasing its own autonomous brand identity from that of Lloyd’s Register. You can see how elements, such as its green brand colour, are merged with edited stock footage, animated text boxes, and transitions across the video to bring all the key brand assets together.

The goal of the video was to introduce Safetytech Accelerator’s mission of raising awareness of its past, present and future work to new audiences and clients in digital and live formats.

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