Lloyd’s Register Foundation – 10 years of impact

June 27 marked the 10-year anniversary of Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and the start of its journey as a social purpose organisation with a unique mission – engineering a safer world. Since then, it has given 253 grants in 142 countries, with a total grant portfolio valuing over £120 million.

Following on from our work earlier this year, to create the logo for this special 10-year anniversary, (Feb enews here), we were also asked to look at delivering a small selection of giveaways for staff and directors, as well as creating an engaging short video for use at the various celebrations in June.

The video

The brief for the video was to build on the logo animation work already created as part of the brand exercise, and help bring to life the themes of ‘impact’. These were currently represented by 10 static images in the logo device. These were also used at the annual conference (April enews here) along with short punchy messaging that highlights each theme in words.

Joe Cook, who leads our video and animation team, worked with the foundation to select representative video clips for each of the 10 themes. He then edited and applied them behind and within the graphic elements of the logo. These visually appear like the panels that were used at the conference but the motion creates a far more dynamic result. This kind of animation engages the audience and gets across the core messages of the 10-year story of Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s impact. The video is available in various formats to suit large display screens down to mobiles, including 1:1 for social media and 16:9 for their website and office screens.

To find out more about how we plan, design, and create animations in more detail, read our animation process presentation.

If you’re interested in other animated movies and explainer videos that we’ve created you can see these listed on our tothepoint Vimeo channel. Or even better, to find out more simply get in touch with us.

The merchandise

With very tight deadlines, and supply chain issues with products from China and the Far East, we had to pull out all the stops to find suppliers who could not only deliver the items we wanted but could supply them to the high-quality standards we and our clients expect. While researching these companies, we progressed with designs for a range of the usual merchandise, covering tote bags, pens and mugs, and the ever-popular water bottles, finally going with clean white mugs and white water bottles with our approved designs applied. However, the team at the foundation also wanted something special – a high-quality commemorative badge.

Several designs were put forward while we spoke to the usual merchandise companies but eventually, we found a company specialising in bespoke sterling silver jewellery and lapel pin badges. Their team was really helpful in discussing how the items could be produced and the different effects, so we were able to visualise these for the foundation. The circular design won the day and after our visuals and artwork were submitted to the company they provided a final proof of how the pin would be constructed. 100 limited edition lapel pins have been produced with their own printed cases and we can’t recommend Roman Tavast highly enough: Great job guys and the client was delighted with all the final items.

Brief history and force for good

With a rich heritage dating back to 1760, Lloyd’s Register has always focused on safety. Ten years ago, it converted from being an industrial provident society to being a company owned by the newly created Lloyd’s Register Foundation – an independent global charity. It became a unique social purpose organisation with a mission to engineer a safer world. It has been a privilege to work with them as a force for good over the last few years on their branding and strategy and we look forward to helping them for the next 10 years.