March Round Up

Attending the ISBA Annual Conference 2019

In last month’s enews we ran a story on the branding and promotional material we created for ISBA’s Annual Conference 2019. The conference focused on four key themes that are currently being addressed within the industry; Trust, Accountability, Inclusion and Performance.

Our intrepid account manager Kira was lucky enough to be able to attend the conference held at The Troxy. Keith Weed opened the day with a really interesting talk on trust in the industry, sharing insights into how trust has broken down for many and what the industry bodies, alongside the big brands, are doing to build back trust with consumers.

Throughout the day there were many different speakers giving insightful talks, as well as some really engaging panel discussions. The agenda spanned important and topical issues, such as counter-terrorism, building sustainable business relationships and the importance of diversity and inclusion. The latter being something we’ve become even more interested in since branding EDIS (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health).

It was great to see our designs coming to life, from the conference branding on screen to the pull-up banners and presentation slides. Overall, it was an interesting opportunity to learn more about the industry and to hear from both client and industry experts.

fika on BBC Radio 1 Xtra

Our very own account manager, Sam, recently had his band “fika’s” latest single played on Jamz Supernova’s BBC Radio 1xtra show.

They collaborated with two German producers and an LA-based rapper to release ‘Better Now’ on Friday 29th March. It’s available to listen to on all major platforms, give it a listen here. You can also listen to the premiere on BBC 1 extra here, skip to 29:50.

Oh Vienna!

5 years ago, after a long weekend away in Barcelona without the kids, our creative director Kevin Cox and his wife decided that the future was in ‘long weekends away in Europe’. Since then each year they have visited a European city whilst the kids are left with the wonderful Nanny Heather. After visiting Barcelona, Copenhagen and Berlin next on the list was Vienna (Oh Vienna! as Alan Partridge would say).

Some things simply had to be done: Coffee and cake at Demel, Wiener Schnitzel at Cafe Dommayer, Goulash and Apple Strudel on the food front. Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Belvedere Palace from a cultural perspective.

Vienna prides itself on mixing its history (certain smoke filled bars and coffee houses are like going back in time 50 years) with its modern cultural centres (the museum quarter) including Mumok, and the Leopold Museum.

What dominates its history is the House of Habsburg, one of the most influential, distinguished and opulent royal houses of Europe. Also due to its position in relation to Europe, it was invaded by numerous empires including the Ottoman, Napoleon and more recently the German occupation which have all influenced its culture and character. More recently it was invaded by the Cox clan who will of no doubt left their mark.