Helping consumer brands ‘pop’ online with our new snack range for the popchips website



Having worked with KP Snacks on various brand websites over the years we are pleased to have recently launched the latest product range for them in the form of the popchips uk website.

We began our work with popchips a while ago now, having previously produced websites for McCoys, KP Nuts and Hula Hoops, and created a vibrant and dynamic holding page for popchips UK. We followed a broadly similar approach to the other KP Snacks brands with a simple range page of flavours, linking to more detail for each.

Taking a cue from the lively brand direction brought to the popchips marketing by their advertising agency, we brought movement and interaction to the forefront of our designs, creating a set of fluid page designs that really ‘pop’ out of the screen.

We look forward to developing the website with further content and promotions in the near future.

Caroline Forsyth, Assistant Brand Manager at popchips had this to say

It’s been great working with the tothepoint team, they’ve been super attentive and responsive in the past few months as we’ve updated the popchips website to include our current range. Looking forward to working with them again soon. Caroline Forsyth, Assistant Brand Manager at popchips