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Challenging Design

Cyber Security Challenge (CSC) aims to uncover hidden cyber security talent from across the UK through competitions, challenges and learning programs, and then work to develop their skill sets to help them enter the industry. It’s an exciting world, and their work uncovers some immense talent (we attempted one of the competitions, and it’s fair… more

Personal Space

With 20 years working closely with many companies we know that a brand should span every touch-point, whether it’s taking your number from your business card, getting directions from your website or stepping into your workspace for the first time. People should feel connected to your brand. From an internal perspective, a branded workspace helps… more

Summer Snippets

A Cut Above the Rest Simon visited the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern this month as one of over 200 Better Bankside levy payers, and it was always going to be something of a highlight. Watching films of Henri Matisse at work with colour and form demonstrated the gulf between being artistic and a… more


Thinking logically

Within a short space of time we managed to agree the naming as well as design, artwork, produce and install a new brand and interior graphics for their ‘News Logistics’ division. Following initial talks and naming, we ran a full day workshop to help their team explore some of the key aims and aspirations for… more

Fancy a Challenge?

Sam says: “We wanted to create something that everyone can take part in and to inspire others to take up the challenge by running and getting fit. Charlie stood for sport, he stood for health and he stood for fitness. “Ever the competitive little brother and being a cheeky teenager, if Charlie was running with… more

News nuggets

 A cut above the rest As part of our work with Better Bankside, we’ve produced an invitation for an exclusive reception and private view of Matisse’s exhibition the ‘Cut-Outs’ showing at the Tate Modern. We used a fancy paper technique called duplexing (which bonds two or more sheets of paper together) to show a play… more


Excellent Work

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for a number of years now, and this work also includes the branding and collateral for their glittering black tie event; the Excellence Awards. The awards celebrate the crème de la crème in public relations, and see around 150 leading consultancies, inhouse… more

The lost art of longform

There’s a slowly building change in web design when it comes to longform copy. What do I mean when I say ‘longform’? Basically, this means an article that uses significantly more text than your usual web page – so for instance, a report, narrative story, detailed cased study or guide. But it’s not just about amount… more

June gems

Challenging Times for Team Hutton Keep on running Community spirit Spring in your step Rolling out Croydon BID’s brand Let me Google that Into the fold Wait, let me take a selfie… All roads lead to Rome-an Road in Mile End  Sunshine with only a chance of showers? That’s Pimms O’Clock! Guinea pigs are the… more

Not again

A while ago I blogged about an online service called ‘Catch notes’ – a really useful (and free) note taking app that synced with the cloud, enabled sharing and collaboration and had a really cool user interface. It rather abruptly went from ‘next big thing’ to ‘closed forever’ in the space of a few weeks. Well,… more


Imagine that

The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) is one of seven Catapults around the UK, bringing together a network of world-leading centres created to pioneer innovation in a variety of sectors. The TSC’s area of innovation focuses around how we can move people and goods seamlessly around the UK and the globe, as well the positive economic… more

Loving every drop

We met Anglian Water on our stand at the PR Show last year, where they spotted our promotional showreel. They said they’d get in touch when some work came through, and as you can see they were true to their word. Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in the UK, and… more