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McCoys – Fully Flavoured

On hitting the homepage, you might be forgiven for thinking ‘what the snack’ has this got to do with crisps?! Working with McCoy’s ad agency WCRS, we implemented a social aggregation tool to enable them to feed key content from their various social feeds; Twitter, Facebook….etc. This helps to keep the homepage content fresh and… more

Volcanic Appellation

We started with the naming and although ‘Somlo Wines’ locates the vineyards and shop we felt some of the other background information would capture more interest from potential customers in the UK. The name Witness Mountains caught our eye. Eva told us the story of the mountains of Hungary, or volcanoes as they were, witnessing… more

April round up

This month our resident Yorkshireman James decided to take his family on a cultural tour and account manager Charlie got her hands dirty at a pottery class. more


Any Colour?

Working closely with Sean and Skyler on the signage and interiors for their first 4,000+ sq ft colour studio in Wandsworth – currently an empty shell across two floors of a great corner plot – a truly amazing canvas! more

Seismic photography

Seabird’s primary focus is the collection of seismic data obtained from the seabed, so beyond some interesting chart data, we are constantly looking at how we can bring their service offer to life, and nothing serves this better than great original photography that captures life on the ocean waves, and on land. The main job… more

March round up

We’re currently working with Croydon Bid on their re-election ballot and have been immersing ourselves in the feedback from their recent workshops. more


Warning, contains nuts

The sites needed to reflect the recognisable branding and individual brand personalities, as well as to showcase the KP Nuts and McCoy’s new pack designs. As the three sites had similar requirements and content, we recommended a multi-site approach, where we build one main site and then duplicate the structure for the second and third… more

Croydon BID term time

Of course there is a lot of talk about the great future in store for Croydon, with BoxPark coming later this year and plans for Westfield well under way. But it’s also the perfect moment for us to take stock and reflect on everything the BID has achieved (and some of the lovely design work… more

February round up

Like every year, pancake day crêped up on us (see what we did there). The atmosphere was tense as the tothepoint pancake racing team strode with purpose into the arena. more


Patient Hub

Adaptive Apps approached us for help with their logo, branding and website for their new product, Patient Hub. more

Is your website flexible?

Nowadays, as you’re probably already aware, websites need to be ‘mobile friendly’. There are so many variants of screen size out there, not just mobiles, but tablets and all manner of laptops. The idea that a website can solely exist for traditional desktop screens is a thing of the past. more

January round up

Our 2016 calendar ‘Silver Quiz’ is now over and it’s time to reveal the winners. more